Joy series
MK best blend

Premium Musang King durian paste are blended with several selected premium species to create an overall balanced taste and texture.

Authentic MK paste

Fully pure Musang King based filling with thick aroma and rich flavor that will tingles every corners of your tongue! The finest quality Durian Mooncake in the Market!

Joy series
MK best blend

The True Joy during the Mid Autumn festival will always be the reunion with family. By reuniting various blend of premium durian species, we hope to deliver more joy to the families whom gather on this day to enjoy this scumptious delicacy from Malaysia.

MOONLITE series Authentic MK paste

Pure & Rich Musang King fillings treasured in Charcoal Bamboo Snowskin are truly luxury for the tongue!
The only mooncake in the market that could gives you such satisfying indulgence experience.

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